Honda Civic Radio / Keyless Entry / Dome Light stopped working

She left the lights on one dark night, and frequent jumps were required subsiquently until she bought a new battery. NOW the Radio, dome light, and Keyless entry do not work. I suspect a simple, but obscure fix. 2004 Honda Civic. She is 500 miles away, and I am afraid she will pay through the nose for a simple fix… Sigh.

The radio may need a key code to unlock it and the keyless entry will have to be reprogrammed. The owner’s manual should tell what needs to be done. There may be a fuse problem for the dome light and possibly the other things so check the fuses in the dash and under the hood.

She can’t find a bad fuse, and the radio won’t light up, so putting in the code is a problem… Sigh. I wonder if the radio might have gottend fried if they overvolted a jump start. Apparently the radio controlls the keyless entry, and dome light (reprogramming stepps on the keyless failed as well).