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Honda City-Civic Stereo and keyless entry stopped working

Something which is the exact same episode from this older discussion from 2008 on cartalk has happened to my Honda City/Civic in India.
  1. Battery drained due to light being on, had to jump start.
  2. Many jump starts over the next few weeks…buy a new battery from the Honda Dealership
  3. Now the Keyless entry and the Stereo refuse to work.


a. This car is not mine, and I have an option to buy it at the end of the month, or return it…is this the start of a long series of Electrical gremlins (unsolvable problems) , that I should be aware of ?

b. How to solve this problem? Is it the dealerships fault?

As said the owners manual should have the code in it.

No code is being displayed on the dashboard , nor is any check engine light on. How does one obtain the code?

Here is a link to help you out step by step.

Excellent and thanks for the help. I still have to figure out how the logic was arrived at; that the car went into theft-prevention mode.

The Keyless entry and the stereo failed after the battery change. Battery change was done at the Honda dealership.

If you can not figure it out, take it to Honda. It’s their fault they did not reset it after the battery swap. Also, there is a little gizmo to keep all your data when the battery is swapped. It plugs into the OBD2 plug and keep voltage on the computers when the battery is disconnected. They should have one and used it.

So, apparently it might not have been the code. It was the fuse which had blown, and they replaced the fuse with a new one, and now it works.

It was not the code that was wrong. Some fuse had blown.

Fuse was replaced and the stereo and cabin light and keyless entry now work fine. The dealership blew the fuse apparently due to a new battery which gave a surge of power.

I wonder what has happened, in reality. And how to solve it and what to look out for in the future?