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Civic Head Unit Installation Help!

Hey everyone, noob here… Please help! I have spent a few days installing my new CD Receiver JVC KD-HDR60 on my Honda 2002 Civic but still couldn’t get it to work…

basically I tried to use the old wire harness connector to connect with the wire provided by JVC, didn’t work. So I thought the old harness wasn’t good, so bought a new one, like this,, to connect with the JVC wire harness(yea, I soldered the wires), just tried and no good…With the wires connected, when I turn on the car, there’s no reaction on the radio, as if no power connected at all.

Can you help me find out what’s wrong? Also after messing with radio my car, the ceiling light and Master Door Lock Switch has stopped working when the car is not on. I have to turned on the car for those 2 to work now…

That’s all the info I can recall right now, can anyone please diagnose the problem for me? Thanks in advance!

Sounds like you blew a fuse, probably the one that provides power to the radio constantly, even when the car is off, to preserve the clock and preset memory.

this can be a DIY project, but if you have no understanding of basic electricity, and the included diagram is confusing to you, I’d urge you to have a pro install this. It’s possible to damage the head unit, speakers, or even your car’s electrical system if you get the connections wrong enough.

I agree with the diagnosis above. A fuse is the most likely culprit. If that is the case you have defied the conventional wisdom that a $300 unit will blow to protect a 25 cent fuse…

I do not usually recommend large chain/warehouse type stores, but the folks at Best Buy near me (Lutherville, MD) were very helpful with a similar problem.

Also–on my 1998 Civic the ceiling/dome light was designed to not work properly when the factory radio was upgraded to an aftermarket CD player. It was in the owner’s manual. Why was it designed this way? Your guess is as good as mine.

Door lock switch was not affected.

Now that I read more about the matter, I did NOT disconnect the battery during installation, thus probably I blew a fuse? Which fuse/fuses shoould I replace?

I know I should have gone to a professional but I am also a avid DIY enthusiast, thanks for your helps everyone!

UPDATE: Hey everyone, I just checked the fuses, ALL related ones are fine… So I don’t know if that’s good or bad news :frowning:

Any other possible causes?

Is there an in-line fuse on the radio harness, or a fuse in the radio itself? Check that one, if it exists. Most aftermarket radios have them. Check it by removal, and using an ohm meter. If that’s not how you checked the others, go back and use that method. Fuses can look good, and not be.

Using said ohm meter set to DC volts (anything above 12), make sure you’ve got power a the radio connection, on the correct wire. Then check the ground is actually ground (use the door pillar as a good ground, or some other frame part).

If that doesn’t work, make sure you’ve got a good, solid ground, and following that try running a wire directly from a hot wire (I would use the battery to avoid overloading a different circuit) to the radio.


A lot of cars have multiple fuse boxes–one or more under or on the side of the dash, one or more under the hood, and some even have one in the trunk. Are you sure you’ve checked them all? If they’re all good, that’s not a good sign… possibly the BCM (body controller module) was somehow damaged.

Hey Oblivion thanks for replying.

I believed my 2002 Civic Lx has 2 fuse boxes, one under the driving wheel, the other on the right side under the hood. I have only checked the related fuses, they are all good. I will check ALL the fuses when I have time. Hopefully can find some bad ones :frowning: