03 dodge ram

Ever sence the air cond compressor
Burned up I replaced it now the keyless entry quit workin along with the radio really every thing quit till I put the key in the ignition and once the key is in the ignition the radio still doesn’t work. Any ideas thx

The first thing you do is open the owner’s manual

Find the section that shows the fuse box location

Now use a test light to check if the fuses are good

All fuses are good already checked them

At anytime was the battery disconnected?


@Gw2011 is the radio difficult to remove?

You could check if the radio is getting power

There is no power to the radio.
I tryed disconnecting the battery
There is no power going in to the cab intill I put the key in the ignition and turn it. Then I hav power to the inside dome lights. The head light don’t work till the key is in the ignition.

Recheck the I.O.D. fuse (ignition off draw) in the under hood fuse box. This is the one with the black plastic holder, be sure it is fully seated. It is designed to be pulled up for periods of storeage, it will stop power to the interior lights and radio.