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2004 Honda element No power to radio

Had battery replaced by shop. No power to radio at all. Power door locks don’t work unless key is in run position, remote doesn’t work at all. Dome light works only when key is on. The radio fuse is good. Any suggestions.

Ask the shop if they’re able to reprogram the body control module.

If not, then you’ll have to take to the dealer to reprogram the BCM.


+1 to tester’s post. This is becoming a more common problem. Most shops will put a “power pack” on a car before changing a battery now to prevent this kind of thing, but some still apparently don’t.

+2 for Tester.

Check fuses #9 and 16 in the under hood fuse box, they power the radio and Multiplex Control Unit (for dome light and door locks).

Thanks all for responding, looks like Tester is probably right on. I have an appointment next week to correct the problem.

As a last resort, you could try disconnecting BOTH battery cables and clamping them together for an hour or more. Then reinstall and see.

Volatile software in the Body control module?

Did you check the fuses to the Multiplex Control Unit?