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Honda Civic Oil Change Message

I currently drive a 2005 Honda Civic. And a little while ago the wrench light came on, and my dash screen read that I needed to service my oil. With a percentage that it said the oil life was at. So we changed it. The oil filter too, whole shi-bang. But the message and the wrench never went away. The percentage kept going down, and now it reads “Service” and shows a negative mileage counter, which I assume is showing me how many miles I’ve driven since the oil life percentage reached zero. I dont understand what’s going on. Any ideas?

You must reset the maintenance reminder after each service;

Your dealer will reset this indicator
after completing the scheduled
maintenance. If this maintenance is
not done by your dealer, reset the
light as follows.
1. Turn off the engine.
2. Press and hold the Select/Reset
knob on the instrument panel,
then turn the ignition switch to
ON (II).
3. Hold the knob for about 10
seconds until the indicator goes

The information about the maintenance required indicator can be found on page 60 of the owners manual;

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Thank you! Huge help!