No air/Blower Motor not working

My 2002 2WD CR-V vents/ac suddenly went out the other day. So I’m not getting any air, including the vent system. All fuses are good, The blower motor seems to be getting voltage, I looked online and a few people have talked about the resisitor for my make/model going out. It is a $50.00 part that is non-refundable. I’m concerned about making a guess that may not work and then I pay the shop more. Anyone have experience in this area?

The blower is getting voltage, but not turning at all? How did you ascertain that it was getting juice?

My friend knows a lot about cars, he used a meter to check the contacts, I can’t say for sure, I’m not a car person. He’d thought about jumping the motor somehow, but he didn’t want to short other things out by accident. From what he could tell the motor seemed ok.

If you’re getting voltage at the blower and it’s not working this means, in order of probability:
Bad blower motor.
Bad ground for the blower.
Something stuck inside the air duct and wedged against the blower wheel.

The latter 2 would be extremely unusual. The former is very common with age and miles.

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So you don’t think the resistor has anything to do with it?

If the resistor was bad but the motor was good and getting power then you would at least have the fan on the highest speed setting - the high speed of a blower doesn’t go though the resistor.

There is no need to guess about these things - this is one of the reasons that electrical meters are made.

Most blower circuits supply power to the motor first through a fuse and a relay an then to the motor. Since you have voltage at the motor then those things should be ok. The return side of the circuit after the motor usually has the resistor pack and speed switch control to complete the circuit path to ground. To see if the blower works you should be able to just ground the return side of the motor.

If the blower doesn’t work at any speed then the trouble may be a stuck or bad motor. If you verify the motor is ok then the trouble is either with the switch or the resistor pack. There may be a thermo protection device in the resistor pack and if it is bad then the motor may not work at any speed also.