AC/heat issue: 2010 Honda Civic

AC and heat works intermittently. Air only leaks out of vents when not working but air is cold or hot depending on if Ac or Heat is selected. Sounds like a blower motor issue but blower motor works 100% of the time - can see it turning when I look behind dash and take out cabin filter. Blower motor speed also corresponds with turning knob up or down so don’t think it is a resistor issue. Looked at 3 of the flap actuators and all move when I press the corresponding buttons on the dash (e.g. I can see mode control flap actuator moving when I change selection from floor to face vents, etc.) recirculation flap actuator also works as well as blend. Any ideas what this could be?

Does the blower motor operate with the same “roar” as you would expect, it should be very loud on high speed.

If not it sounds like you have a failing blower control module.

Yes it is very loud on high speed but with no change in amount of air blowing out.