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Honda Civic Fuel Door Release does not operate

I have a 2003 Honda Civic EX. I tried to put fuel in my car and when I pushed the fuel door release it would not pop open the fuel door. Therefore, I cannot get gas. Is this something I can fix and how or am I going to have to take it to a Honda dealer. This is my work vehicle so I need to correct this issue quickly.

Bring it in to the dealer. You have a broken cable or something, and I seriously doubt you can access this part easily or before you run out of gas. It should be a fairly inexpensive repair, even at the dealer.

On my 02 Sonata theres a cable inside the trunk marked “Emergency fuel door release”

Your Honda will have the same thing. Just give a yank.

And now you can get this fixed “at your leisure thru the years.”

Another thought is if the fuel release door has a broken spring or rusty hinge. The cable or solenoid is working fine, but the door just fails to open up.

Have a friend push the button will you pull on the fuel door. If it opens, the release is working. Now find out why it doesn’t pop open.

A broken spring needs to be replaced, but a bent spring can be re-bent. A rusty or sticking hinge can be freed up with some penetrating lube and working it in by moving the door back and forth. Use a good lubricant, not WD-40. WD-40 will evaporate too quickly, leaving you back here within a week.

'04 Civic here…that trick pull to open the trunk-push to open the fuel filler cable junction is north of $225 to replace (the whole cable assy has to come out).

Been there-had to do that!

One week after posting this problem I found a solution researching the issue on line. Use the following website to correct this issue if you have this problem:
The part cost $19.95. I ordered it on a Saturday and received in less than 5 business days. The website has a video that explains how to use the part and repair the problem. I repaired my fuel door this morning in about 1/2 hour. It works like new. My local Honda garage quoted me $100 for this repair.
I’m glad I found this website and want to pass it on to others that encounter the same problem. The website is worth checking out and it will save you a costly repair. My fuel door works like it always had.

Thanks for posting this. It is sure to help the next person with the same problem. And, I’m glad someone figured out a cheap fix. Typically, these cables must be replaced when the break like this.