Pricing question

Hi, I was wondering what the part is called that enables the gas door to open. I have a civic 2003 and there is a button. My button wasn’t working because the cable. What is that called? How much do you think it would cost to replace? I am unable to put gas in my car because the door won’t open.

I can tell you that on my Accord (1992) the gas door was plastic. If yours is also, as I suspect that it is, you can simply break the plastic at this point in order to remove the door and put gas in the car.

I would say that for most people, putting gas into the tank is a more immediate priority than the appearance of the rear quarter panel where the gas filler is located. Crack the plastic gas door, gas up, and then you can seek repair parts (and even shop around for the best price) with the confidence that you won’t be stranded for lack of gas.
If you do as I suggest, be sure to get a new gas filler door at the same time that you buy the cable that releases the door.

A fuel filler door release cable.
Or something similar. different manufacturers often use different nomenclature.

Before you start breaking things (that WILL work) try to remove the interior trim panel that hides the cable…Maybe remove the back seat or a panel in the trunk behind the filler. Then you can release the fuel door without breaking it. But if forcing the door is the best solution, do it gently so just the latch breaks, not the entire door…