Fuel filler door

fuel filler door on my 2005 Honda Accord will not release, any suggestions???

Hurry, we are running out of gas!!

Pop the trunk and pull the emergency release.

Now look at the fuse list in your owners manual, is the fuse for the filler door blown.

where in the trunk of the 2005 Accord is the emergency release?
I checked the fuses and there doesnot seem to be one for the fuel door … is this a manual operation not “electric”?


Well, there “should” be a release cable inside the trunk opposite the fuel door.

You might need to move or remove a trim panel to get to it.

Does your owners manual say anything on this?

Do you push a button (electric) or pull up on a floor mounted lever (cable operated)to open the fuel door?

where in the trunk of the 2005 Accord is the emergency release?

It should be near the door itself. I’ve checked my Civic, and I haven’t noticed anything to pull on to release my door, but they may have changed things in the last 11 years since my car was made

The door is mechanically operated. Try pusing in on the door while someone else pulls the release. I have seen several that are closed too hard,and the catch gets bent preventing the release.

Or pull out on it when someone else pulls the release. I’ve seen this on several Camrys, the fault being a broken spring in the door, easily replaced.