Honda civic Gas Cover

My 2007 Honda Civic will not release the gas cover whenever I push down on the lever on the left side of the driver door. I have to keep jiggling it and eventually it will release. I tried spraying wd-40 on the latch but the results are still the same. Are there any adjustments that will help this out?
Unicoi man

First, check inside your trunk. There is probably a secondary release for the cover in there. You can use that one until you can resolve the main release, especially if it should fail completely.

I had the exact same thing on my 2007 Honda Civic Hybrid. I removed the plastic cover over the latch. The little clip that holds the end of the cable housing in place was broken so the entire cable housing was moving with the lever. I glued the plastic tab back in place and wrapped the entire assembly in duct tape. That was over a year ago and it still works.