Honda Civic Airbag Light

Hi -

I have a, '06 Honda Civic, with about 87,000 miles on it. Last week, my airbag light went on, so I brought in into the dealership to have it checked out.

Their diagnosis was that the passenger-side curtain airbag needs to be replaced, which would cost me about $1,270 on just parts alone. They said they couldn’t reset the light, and i wouldn’t be able to get my MA state inspection sticker renewed as long as that light stays on.

The airbag in the dash is still okay (according to the Honda mechanic), so i don’t see this as a terrible safety hazard. I’m more concerned with how to get this light turned off.

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot,

- mike

My wifes 96…there was a SRS scanner connector under the dash on the opposite side of the steering wheel of the OBD-II reader. The procedure to turn off the light was to short out a couple of the pins (I forget which ones). BUT…the light will come back on if it detects there’s a problem. Our problem was we needed a new battery.