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2003 Honda Civic Sdn - Airbag Light On

Airbag light on. I haved this fixed so many times, it seems to be somehow related to the seat belt, at least in the past. It is a 2003 Honda Civic. It always seems to happen just before inspection. I can’t afford a new car right now. The car has 104,000 miles and I have had it since brand new. I wish I returned this car though within the 1st month I bought. It was not a good year for this model. Anyway, just wanted to know how much a mechanic will charge to fix or reset.

Sorry, Shirley . Without actually knowing why the light is on there is no way to even guess at a price. There will be a diagnostic fee involved at most shops and then they will give you an estimate . Of course we don’t know where you are and that will have some bearing on price.

Thanks a bunch for the response and sorry about the lack of details. I live in Boston MA. Previously, it was covered under the Honda warranty, so I never had to pay for the repair. It has happened at least 10 times since I have owned the car, always something to do with seat belt or a reset of some sort. Anyway thank you for responding

Then I suggest go to the Honda dealer , have it fixed so you can pass inspection then start planning on replacing the vehicle.