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Honda CD player does not play above freezing

The CD player (6 disk changer) in my 2006 Honda Accord will not play disks above freezing temperatures. (To clarify, it is the model without the GPS.) I say temperatures because the playable cut-off usually fluctuates between 30 and 36 degrees F. Below that temperature, the disk plays fine. Above that temperature, I will be lucky to get 15 seconds of play before the disk begins to skip and eventually error out. Additionally, the disk will skip and error after the cabin warms up. Over the last 9 or so months, this has been consistent behavior.

I first noticed this last summer in very hot weather when a disk began to skip. Since then, there is only one disk that plays reliably in any weather. Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. I kid you not. I enjoy the album, but as you may suspect, it has grown old by now.

Dealers have said the only fix is an entirely new CD player somewhere in the $400 range. I’m hoping my clues provide insight into a simple solution. Thanks!

I hope you find a simple solution, but the only serious one I know of is a new CD player. But why in the world would you use a dealer for that? That’s like taking a home stereo component to Lowe’s. Go online to Crutchfield. They will set you up much better than any dealership ever would and for less.

Check I think the Honda dealer is correct that a replacement radio is your best solution. Many electronics are now disposable items and repair shops are getting hard to find. A new replacement unit is many times a more reliable fix than a ‘repaired’ unit these days.

I agree with the previous answers. Like it or not repairing radios and CD players is no longer cost effective. Buy a new one and drive on.

Add my name to the list that suggests getting a new unit.
And be sure to pick up an “adapter plug” too. An adapter plug solders (or crimps) onto the wires from the new unit right on the kitchen table, and then plugs directly into your original iring harness. It is by far easier and less likely t ocause a problem than splicing the new unit into your wiring harness. The plugs are sold specific to different makes & models of vehicles. Sears used to carry them, I think WalMary does, and for certain any car audio store will. And then there’s the internet…