2002 Honda Accord Sdn - Audio issues

the radio and cd player is not working and try all technician no result

What does that mean?

Most auto audio shops should have at least one technician that can install a new radio/cd player. I would recommend selecting a radio/cd unit that includes Bluetooth and satellite radio.


If you just changed your battery and it does not work, there will be a code you have to enter.
if you did not change the battery then check for a blown fuse. it usually is the same one as the cigarette lighter. but there may be more than one fuse for the radio.
if the fuses look good you can try this…
with the ignition on, pull the radio fuses for 30 seconds. then put them back in. sometimes it wakes the radio module back up and it will work again.

You’d think the audio techs already involved would have already tried that. If not, definitely worth a shot. OP , have you taken this problem to a Honda Dealership shop? If not, I expect that’s your next step. The alternative is probably to hire an aftermarket shop to install all new audio equipment. If problem was only CD player, could be the unit is faulty, b/c CD players contain moving parts, which will fail eventually. But the radio failing at the same time? Must be some kind of systematic problem and will require Honda-specific expertise to solve.