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Honda Accord 2009: The audio system does not read MP3 CDs

I have a Honda Accord 2009 sedan. The CD player reads audio CDs well; however, it does not read MP3 CDs that I burned using iTunes. I have tried multiple CDs but had no success. What should I do? Should I take it to dealer? I am just worried that they are gonna charge me for diagnosis

Not all CD players can read the MP3 format, particularly original equipment ones. Does the CD player itself have the MP3 logo on it (if it does not have the logo on it, it probably will not read MP3 files)? Does the owner’s manual say your factory CD player can read MP3 files? If all evidence indicates that your player should be able to read MP3 files, did you format the discs after burning them?

Could be three things: it doesn’t have that capability, it doesn’t like the specific format, or it doesn’t like the specific brand of blank CD you’re using. I’d get on a Honda forum and ask around, bet somebody there has the answer.

Did you finalize the CD after burning? what FORMAT CD is it?

You’ll likely have to replace the unit with one that’ll read your MP3’s. You can do it yourself or have it done at any aftermarket audio shop, Best Buy, Sears, and lots of other places.

If you choose to do it yourself, get a Haynes manual to show you how to remove the old one, and also get an “adaptor plug” at an audio parts place or even WalMart. The “adaptor plug” will allow you to solder/splice its wires to an aftermarket unit on the kitchen table using easy to follow instructions and color codes. You can them simply unplug the original unit from your original wiring harness and plug the new one in. It’s far, far, far better than splicing into the harness wires.

Two more points-- make sure you didn’t use CD-RW, most car steros will not read these. Also, make sure you try different brands of blank discs, your unit may be sensitive to some of these.

Check your owners manual, it will tell you if the unit is designed to play MP3 discs.

Why don’t you just plug the iPod into the stereo and skip the whole disc thing?

Find the Aux port which exists somewhere in your car and use your iPod. A new world and you will throw all your discs out.

I have a 2009 Accord EX. It does read my MP3 disk that I burned at home. But AL5000 has a good point that it may burp on CD-RW.

I don’t use iTunes, so I can’t comment on what settings it uses. I would think it would be compatible. But it’s possible that iTunes thinks you’re just making a CD to be read by another computer or as a backup.

You need to go through the settings and make sure it’s using ISO9660 or possibly Joliet for the file system type. If it is burning CDs in UDF format, it’s unlikely your stereo is bright enough to read this type of file system. You could try a different type of CD burning software like “ImgBurn”, or “CD BurnerXP” (despite the name, it will run on Vista, Win7) If you use a MAC, I’m sure there’s another freeware app that will burn CDs, but I’m not familiar enough with MAC to tell you what to use.

I think the problem is with iTunes. Burn the MP3 files with NERO and you won’t have a problem. Use the “Audio CD” function of NERO and it automatically convert your MP3 files and will burn the CD with the proper leadin and leadout finalization that you need.