CD drive - Error reading disk

It is Camry LE 2009. Its CD drive was perfectly fine. I ejected CD and played few songs on AUX. Later when I tried to insert CD, it is not taking it in, if I push it in, it throws it back. If I click on CDROM button, it says Error reading disk, though CD ia not inside.
Is it gone bad now ? Anybody faced such issue ?

Does it do this with all discs?

Yes, I had 3 disk, tried with all. Those disk are playing in my laptop.

It means you probably have a bad CD drive in your stereo unit. It can be fixed, but probably will be less expensive to replace the whole stereo. Check out Good selection, reasonable prices, and all the tech support you will need if you choose to attempt the job yourself.

that would be I second that decision. They are AMAZING to deal with and supply with everything you need to switch to aftermarket radio. They even supply a good print out of step by step instructions specific for your car with great pictures.

Oooooops damn stupid typing fingers. corrected now.

Are this home made CDs or store bought? Home made CDs did not always work in my 2000 Blazer.

Another question, do you leave the CDs in the player? If I left a CD in the player overnight, the next day I would sometimes get an error message, especially on colder or damper nights. My best guess was that there was some condensation on the CD that was interfering with playback. Once the Blazer warmed up the CD player would start working again.

Don’t leave a CD in the unit overnight and try again the next day. Try a store bought CD if the home made one doesn’t work.

Ed B.

Yes these are home made CD, but they worked for sometime before stopping.
Yes, I left my CD inside drive. And at that time I was in Utah, it was 27 F temperature in night. So I can’t fix it myself now ?

Had the same problem with my 99 Camry. I replaced the whole radio. My 09 Camry I use my phone plugged into the Aux port. Aux port is in the door below the radio in the center console. I put my whole CD collection on it and it a whole lot better than dealing with CD’s.

Try a CD with brush cleaner for laser lens. If it doesn’t take it, it may need replacement . If you have to buy new, convert CDs to mp3 and be done with it. @edb1961 has some good points. These units last a long long time…but are suspect in cars if things aren’t perfect.

An aftermarket system may not be the answer here. New cars seem to be designed to put the aftermarket systems out of business as they integrate everything in the dash. I’m surprised that the aftermarket industry hasn’t banded together and sued the manufacturers for anti trust violations like they did to Chrysler back in the 70’s.

This condition may clear up with warmer weather, I have had problems with the CD’s in my car during cold weather. Same for my older iPod with the hard drive, it doesn’t like cold weather either. Try an iPod Nano plugged into the hidden USB port, you will never miss the CD’s.

I just rechecked it now. Now I am in Torrance with 73 F. I inserted CD, drive took it in, tried to read and then throws it out. It says READING DISC for long time and then says ERROR READING DISC (though there is no disk inside). When I switch on Radio, it says “CD IN” in a small box.
Seems like iPOD and AUX should be the best bet as suggested.

Try a can of compressed air used in computer maintenance. Stick the nozzle in the door and spray around. There may be a bit of dust on one of the sensors.

I agree with plugging an iPod into the USB port. I don’t have an iPod but I do put all my CD’s on a “flash drive.” I like the flash drive because it holds a lot of MP3 music and remembers exactly where left off when you unplug it. You can also use your fast forward and reverse with the flash drive. It uses the USB port just like the iPod.

I tried using a flash drive in my Subaru but it would not read it, it seems to only read an iPod. Is there a trick?

@keith…Make sure to format the flash drive first (FAT 32) in your computer. You can also burn the files to the flash drive with NERO but make sure to select USB drive instead of the CD/DVD option.

FAT32? NERO? I have a Mac.

BTW, I am familiar with FAT32 and NERO on my work computers.

If it is trying to read, a cleaning disc would be my next try. That is exactly the way one I had acted and cleaning solved the problem.

@keith…that might be the problem. The only time I’ve ever used a Mac was when I wrote columns and articles for my base newspapers. They are perfect for word processing but fall a little short when it comes to other computing duties. Not really a slam…just a fact of life. “Apples” and oranges don’t you know.

Sound like the CD player probably needs to come out and at the very minimum given a good inspection and cleaning. If that doesn’t work, then it will have to be replaced with a new one. It just isn’t economical to fix these kinds of consumer electronics products, too time consuming, much cheaper to just replace them. But try the discs that don’t work in another CD player to eliminate them as the cause first.

If I were purchasing a new audio unit, I wouldn’t purchase one w/a CD player. I’d purchase a replacement unit that accepts a USB memory stick and plays mp3 files. Then, using my computer, I’d rip the CD’s and tracks I like to play in my car and transfer them to the USB memory stick as mp3 files. If you don’t know how to do this, find any teenager, they’ll know.