Honda Blackbird Returns


Hello everyone, I just wanted to post that after a rather LONG Hiatus, Honda Blackbird has returned. Not that this should be great news or anything, I just wanted to “Wave” a Hello from the bottom of the driveway, to all the fine folks on here who may have remembered me…or even missed me :wink:

I hope to be able to lend a hand if I am able or have the info…its been a long while since I’ve even “lurked” here so…nice to be back. OK, now go back to whatever it was you were breaking… uh I mean repairing.



Now, that is great news. I’ve missed You.


Thank you Asterix, I believe you may be the only one! LOL Oh well, anywho…good to be back.


Breaking? or Braking? :wink:

Welcome back!


Nah, I missed ya too. Been wondering from time to time where you disappeared to. Nice to see you back.


Glad you are back


I am also glad that you have returned to the fold.
I really wish that The Same Mountainbike would return, but I fear that his cardiac problems became even more serious.


Welcome back Blackbird you were missed. You always had good comment’s plus a good sense of humor that was missed.


Welcome back HB, good for you. And good for the folks here needing some answers to their car problems.


I remember you from the days of USENET.
(Or is that USELESSNET?)


Welcome back. Have you got Transman or Mean joe there with you?


And Mountainbike.
And Craig58.
And Joseph J Meehan.
And many other good friends that don’t show up anymore.

At least dagosa shows up from time to time.


Honda_Blackbird welcome and nice to have you back.


My official answer is…Yes… LOL