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Picture worth 1000 words? revisited

hello, everybody! this posting is simply to say… THANK YOU!

for everyone who may have read and weighed in on my many questions about my poor old 89 dodge colt and it’s ‘mysterious’ electrical issues, I want to let you know that… IT’S FIXED!

I finally sent the ECM off to a place in FL for repair, and have now re-installed the remanufactured unit. And SHE RUNS!

so truly… thank you to everyone who helped me along in trying to figure this thing out. (with such neighborly support, the process in itself has been a beautiful thing… and for that, I will say … *peace . . . and G-d bless…)

(fly, baby - fly!)

Thanks sincerely for your feedback. I don’t know whether or not I contributed to this one, but it’s always good to hear feedback, even if it’s someone elses…especially when it’s good!

Happy motoring

: ) you did, mr. mountain bike. so it’s all to you as much as everyone …

(and right back at ya!)