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Honda Conundrum?

I posted a few days ago and am curious how long it takes to be reviewed. Still have a mechanic in the dark about the problem with my little car and need some help so I can have wheels again:) Thanks, Kate Audrey

If you posted here in “Repair and Maintenance”, then search the pages (look near the bottom for numbers indicating back pages) in order to find your post, add a followup comment, or just a word and post that. This will put your post back to the top so it will be noticed. Your first post must have just slipped past for no particular reasons. Try again, lots of people here will help pretty quickly most times.

PS, you won’t see the numbers in the page for THIS thread, you’ll have to click on the link for “Repair and Maintenance” or click the “topic index” to access “Repair and Maintenance”. Good luck!

Umm, what’s wrong with car?