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Test Post

Test to see if I can post. Since I seem not to be able too… wasn’t allowed to post anything yesterday.

You passed the test. Post away.

I Can’t Stay Logged In. I Get Blown Out.
I Have To Log In Almost Everytime I Make A Move.

I got the post, too. I assume all is well now.

@common sense answer, I think you burned out the whirlygig. You can get a replacement at Spacely’s Space Cogs.

Yesterday, I finally got my vehicle question about an elusive starting problem posted only by using a pdf link.

Later, I wished to thank the two who posted comments; only to find that I receive the “we’ll review” all the time. I was not allowed to post anything yesterday afternoon/evening; and I wished to make a comment with regards to the vehicle purchased 6 months ago; where the person is now told by the dealer the catalytic…

This morning - I was just going to create a different id; if I could not post. But, at this point, I am allowed… Thanks for understanding.

@BustedKnuckles, Ha, Ha, You May Be Onto Something.
I’m Practically Computer Illiterate, Anyhow !
My Technolgy Is One Small Step Up From 2 Cans And A Piece Of String.
I Live In The Middle Of Nowhere And Have A GTE Horizon Frontier Land-Line Telephone Dial-Up Modem.
My Internet Provider Is Actually (I’m Not Making This Up) In A Log Cabin Building .
Cool, Eh ?

I’ve been trying to download that Jeff Gordon video. It takes a looong time and I haven’t got it, yet. I’ll keep trying.

Feel the magic !


“You can get a replacement at Spacely’s Space Cogs.”

Not to pick nits, but Spacely sells Space Sprockets. Cogswell sells Cosmic Cogs…

My bad. Memory gets hazy at this age.:confused: