Honda ATF

When did Honda start specing DW-1 for replacing ATF Z-1? I’m assuming that it’s formulated more for the newer trannys. Is it safe to use on an 02 Civic? Why even stop production of a known reliable fluid with so many existing transmissions?

I would use the transmission fluid specified for your Civic. I agree with you because I have never seen the need to replace a perfectly safe and effective engine coolant with Dex-Cool.

i’m not seeing anything listed other then z-1 for your civic its not a cvt is it?

Honda changed their ATF fluid about 1-2 years ago. The new stuff is ok for older Honda’s too.

The DW-1 is actually better than the Z-1 for older transmissions. It helps with the problem of shifting when cold and it mixes with the Z-1. I used it for the last fluid change in our 97 Accord and I could feel a small improvement, even though I only did one drain and refill.

Just call the dealer for sure but our 08 called for the old stuff and our 2012 calls for the new stuff, so changed somewhere in there. From what I have read though the new stuff should be fully compatable backwards and is a replacement for the old. Only use the Honda stuff. There are enough transmission problems without adding fluid to them.