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Honda ATF Fluid

Does anyone know if there is any alternative to Hondas ATF-Z1 fluid for a 2003 Honda CRV 4wd with a CVT? I need some in a hurry?

You really need one that fully meets the Honda spec. Go to the Valvoline web site and look to see if they have one, then go to a parts store and get it. But better to just get it at the Honda dealer, Honda trannys are a bit fragile, I wouldn’t want to push it.

Honda says that you can use Dextron III, but to change it soon. Continued use will affect shift quality. That’s from my Accord owner’s manual, but it does not have a CVT. Or you could wait until Monday and buy the ATF-Z1.

Your best bet is to use what Honda recommends. If you don’t use the proper fluid, you could do damage to the transmission. This goes with all majore fluids, for example, there are several kind of brake fluids. Using DOT 3 brake fluid in a vehicle requiring DOT 5 could do severe damage to the brakes on some vehicles.

I did not know any CR-Vs came with CVTs - are you sure?

Honda has been known to use CVTs… And it would not be uncommon for this to have been an option transmission.

I thought all honda crv’s 4wd have constant variable transmissons??

CVT’s are weird including their fluid specs. I’d just get it right from Honda and I’d not even trust any aftermarket sellers who claim that their fluid is good for it.

CRV’s do not have CVT’s. Your best bet is the Honda fluid. Most part stores sell a premium fluid that can be used in Honda transmissions, you can also probably use Mercon V if you can’t find anything else.

Castrol makes a fluid that meets Honda, Toyota and Mitsubushi specs. It is available at most major auto parts stores like AutoZone etc.

I’ve used Valvoline Max Life Dex III but it says not to use it in a Honda CVT, only Honda’s with a normal automatic tranny.

No CVT on a 2003 CR-V, only a 4-sp automatic and a 5-sp manual. Doesn’t have anything to do with the question, though. You need to get 100% Honda compatible fluid, easiest way is to go to a Honda dealer.

Well honda’s ATF dw-1 is an alternative to z1.

Dont use anything other than HONDA fluid. Hondas are very picky.