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SRS light on Honda Civic EX -- on constantly for 3-4 weeks and now off since getting "diagnosed"

Recently I have noted the SRS light has stayed on constantly – I thought perhaps because I placed a heavy box of books on the front passenger seat - and it was telling me that I needed to fasten the seat belt. The light went off initially but not too many days later – the SRS light came on and has stayed on ever since. I had it “diagnosed” at the dealer and was told that the OPDS sensor has failed. It was explained that this is something “electrical” and if not working properly that none of the airbags will deploy if needed in an accident. However, since the “diagnosis” – and driving my car home and on an errand or two – now I see that the SRS light is off. Did the “diagnosis” with the computer actually “reset the SRS light” and is it possible that my OPDS sensor is actually “okay and not in need of an expensive repair”? I would like to know that my airbags are going to work – in the event of a serious impact - would running another diagnosis confirm that the OPDS sensor is faulty or confirm that “all is working well with the SRS system”. I know the dealer doesn’t care – if he takes my car if for a repair that is no longer needed - but I do care.

If your light comes on when you first turn the key to start the car then goes out within a couple seconds or sooner of the car starting, then it passed the self test (which it performs every time the car is started) and everything is fine. Drive on.

thanks a million – I will go out and start the car up again – to see what happens with the light. I will feel confident that all is well with my car if the light performs as you describe.

I doubt it’s “fixed”, more likely an intermittent problem like a loose wire. When the SRS light is on, your airbags will not deploy in an accident.

The SRS light comes on in my Civic (an '03) if you sit too close to the door. The light is telling you the side airbag is disabled temporarily. When the passenger moves back to sit in the center of the seat and stops leaning on the door the light goes off and the side airbags work again. If it was a big box of books this might be the cause of the SRS light.

the light went on and then off – I guess my SRS and airbags are okay. I expect so.
I wonder what the dealer would say if I called him up and asked him about this?

perhaps I will have another diagnostic check with the computer – and see what shows up. If it comes out as all clear, then I will stop putting heavy boxes, etc on the front seat and keep an eye on out for the SRS light “staying on” again. If it doesn’t repeat - I will feel okay about not tearing up my front car seat to replace the OPDS sensor. It seems if it was really not okay – the light would come on again with some regularity.

I wouldn’t replace anything until the light comes on and stays on constantly. If the light is due to carrying boxes on the seat the computer has since reset and if the light stays off then you are OK.

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