2001 Honda Accord EX V-6, four door

The SRS light on the dashboard is illuminated. (car has never been in an accident and I am the original owner)

I did notice that before the light appeared it would come on at times when an item was pushing against part of the passenger seat or I had a heavy object (groceries) in the seat leaning against the portion of seat that is closest to the passenger door.

My michanic tells me not to worry about it. While I trust him (for the last 11 years with our other Honda) I’m worried this could mean the air bag will not diploy. The mechanic does not agree.

I’m trying to avoid a trip to my dealership and paying for unecessary repairs.




When the SRS light comes on it means the system is disabled. That’s why that light is there. To let you know that the airbags won’t deploy in the event of an accident. If your mechanic can’t help you on this, find one that can. Or bring it to the dealer.


I’m not sure about your specific model, but the newer cars, Honda included, have a SRS sensor system and cut off designed to disable the air bags when a small child is in the passenger seat. If you had side airbags they would disable when someone leans into the path of the deploying bags. I have this SRS flicker on and off all the time. After talking to the service rep at the dealer I am not condcerned; this is the way they are designed to work.

I have the same make and model. Mine also cuts off and on. Have an adult sit in the seat while your driving and see if it cuts off. If it doesn’t then there is something wrong with your system.