Honda Accord squeaking

The past few days my car has been making a squeaking noise when a low speeds (around 20 mph). It makes the sound when both accelerating and decelerating. It does not make the sound when stopped. It doesn’t happen EVERY time I am going at a low speed - but most of the time. It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with steering. Also don’t think it’s the brakes (since it also makes the noise when I speed up).

To my untrained ear, it sounds like a spinning noise. It’s very high pitched. And it’s definitely coming from the front end.

I just had the oil changed and transmission fluid flushed at Valvoline a week ago. I don’t think the car was making the noise before this.

Car is: Honda Accord V-6 2002 with approx. 120K miles. I’ve been told that I’ll need a new transmission in the not-too-distant future - sometimes it kicks hard when moving gears. (Automatic transmission.)

Anyone have any ideas?

The squealing noise might be coming from the brake pad wear indicators.

The next time you hear this squealing, apply the brakes firmly. If the squealing stops have the brakes inspected for pad wear.