I have a 2006 Honda Accord that just started squeaking while I am driving and sometimes it sounds like a horn blowing, then when I hit the brakes it stops. Help

If it really just squeaks while driving, you front pads are worn out. This is the warning that they are low, and you should have them replaced ASAP.

Sounds like the brake pad wear indicators are telling you to have the brakes checked.

my wife’s 2004 honda accord sounded like this. 4 door ex-l. had 4 wheel disc. the back ones were shot and had hit the sensors. This happened at maybe 65K or so. You need a cheap tool (maybe 8 bucks) to turn the caliper piston back in. got mine at autozone as it was a 6 sided block with different pins for different brakes. I’ve been told the backs go 2x faster in 4 wheel disc than 2 disc/2 drum.