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Honda Accord cigarette lighter

93 Accord lighter is on the fritz… does this lighter have a fuse… Can’t locate it if it does… Anyone know anything about this?

Talk about a Rube Goldburg affair. In the 97 Accord, which looks like the 93, there are four fuses and a relay. In the under hood relay box, N0 15 and 18 are inline with the ignition switch, if either one of these were blown, you would have more problems that just the cigarette lighter. No36 goes directly to your lighter, but it also goes to your data link connector, so I don’t think that is blown either.

Your under dash relay box, located above the left kick panel, has a no 11 fuse that protects the cigarette lighter relay coil. The relay is located behind the cigarette lighter itself. In addition, there is a thermal protector built into the lighter itself and a thermal fuse in the connector to the lighter.

Have fun.

Thanks for the reply…sounds like I have to remove the whole lighter assembly…may just run new wiring from the battery and put in an inline 20 amp fuse…lighter is an important accessory these days.