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1994 honda accord

1994 Honda Accord

the lights that illuminate my instrument cluster when the headlights are on has suddenly gone out - completely dark. all of the guages and indicators work fine - seatbelt, gas guage, abs, etc. What could be wrong with the lights and how would i replace it? I cant find a wiring diagram for it to see if it is a fuse - and I think it may be a relay or switch. I have tried adjusting the lights from dim to bright but that doesnt work either.

Yes, there are a couple of fuse/relays in the dash lights circuit. The diming circuit controls the circuit to the dash lights.
The wiring diagram is available through my public library Website > Electronic Databases > ARRC (Auto Repair Reference Center) > input vehicle ID data > Wiring Diagrams > Interior Lights > Instrument Illumination > bingo. This is the Website; but, you’ll need to go through your public library Website to get to it.

I had this happen on a Ford Aerostar. The rheostat for adjusting the brightness of the instrument panel lights burned out. Before you replace this part, obtain a wiring diagram so that you are certain it isn’t something simple like a fuse. The diagram will show you if anything else is on the same circuit as the instrument panel lights. If these items work, you can narrow it down.

the diagram you looking for is attached to this. Good luck.

Check the fuses, but I suspect the dimmer switch is the culprit. All the lights that have adjustable brightness are hooked into that switch. Sometimes if you jiggle the knob, and/or rotate the dimmer knob you can get the dashlights to flash a bit - if so that confirms the dimmer switch has gone bad.

Well I looked at all the fuses in the 2 boxes that would apply first - they all look good. Then I looked at the dimmer relay in the fuse box under the hood - while I dimmed/brighted my headlights they could hear and feel the relay working so Im not sure if that is the problem - we did try working with the dashboard dimmer light but nothing works. I think the “lights” the illuminate the dash are not lights at all but LED’s… thank you everyone for your ideas! Right now, I have a little light on my dash to illuminate when its dark.

NOT the headlight dimmer switch! The dash dimmer rheostat (“switch”). The fuse / relay box is under the DASH, not in the engine compartment.
If you look at the wiring diagram, that castironman provides a link to, you’ll see that power is provided to 8 bulbs. Did you download, and print, the wiring diagram? Do so, and use color pen / pencils to trace the wiring circuit – it helps.
They are light lamps; not, LEDs.