1990 Accord electrical problem

I have a 1990 Honda Accord EX which has a bit of an electrical problem. I recently had the battery replaced after the car had trouble starting and things like the dashboard meters, windows and anything else power operated were not functioning. After I had the battery replaced, some of these things still did not work. I then looked into the fuse box and checked the fuses, I replaced the fuse for the turn signals (the only one that had blown) but not only when I restarted the car did everything else worked except for the turn signals, the fuse blew again when I tried to used the turn signal.

So, should I just try and replace the fuse again and not use my turn signals or is there something else I can do?



When the fuse blows in the lighting department, it’s usually due to a short in the wiring/connections or perhaps from a ‘fusing’ in a double element bulb.

Whenever replacing blown fuses you must find out why it blew in the first place.

Physically check all the turn signal bulbs for internal ‘smoke-like’ discoloration. This can indicate a moisture penetration.

Check to ensure all bulbs are seated firmly in clean and tight sockets.