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2018 Honda Accord Sdn - Droning noise

I just bought a Honda Accord 2018 Sport 2.0. The car (absolutely stock) feels like my previous two Accords, but has a problem: the Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) system makes a loud droning noise. The noise seems to happen when the inside of the car is less than approximately 45 degrees and the car is in motion and neither the driver’s window nor the front passenger’s window is open (even open a crack will do).

The Dealer has called the Factory and was told that Honda’s engineers are working on it, but have no solution thus far, and that the Dealer may not disconnect the ANC device (which lives behind the glove box). I contacted Honda, who told me that they had no information on the issue.

So I have to live with the droning noise.


Have you heard of this issue? (There are numerous articles about it on the Web, but I have never read nor heard anything about it in any reviews.)

Any idea what models are affected by it and how prevalent the issue might be?

Any guess as to why Honda is telling the Dealer not to disconnect the device?

I would greatly appreciate any information you can give me.

I tested the 2018 Accord 2.0T Touring (not a Sport) back in the Fall of 2017. I looked back at my notes and my review and I didn’t detect any sound like you describe. At one point, I was in the Accord on the highway for over 4 hours and didn’t hear that. Noise cancellation is not new to Honda. It has used it in other models and for many years. I wish you luck with the solution. One thing you might consider is a stealth mission to drive a new Accord 2.0T on a test drive and see if you can hear it in that vehicle. That would at least tell you “if they all do it.”

Well, for what little it’s worth, there is a fair amount about the problem on the Web. J

Also note: it has to be less than 45 degrees, both the driver’s- and passenger’s- side windows have to be up, and the car has to be in motion.


Very interesting problem. I am looking forward to hearing how it gets resolved. In the mean time, the amount of time the interior is under 45 degrees (F) and you are driving is getting less and less, assuming you are north of the equator.

I am a big Honda fan based on my years with my 1999 Civic, close to 190,000 miles and on its original clutch. Not so confident in all the electronic enhancements that are now the norm - but trusting Honda is an organization better able than most to fix problems that come up. Best wishes and please keep us informed!

Update: In late October I took my car in for its first service. At that time I was told that there was now a Service Bulletin which covered my car’s noisy active noise cancellation. I brought the car back for the service, which appears to be the replacement of two microphones in the rear of the car and both roof speakers. We have now had some 32+ degree mornings in Southern New England and the noise has NOT reoccurred, so it appears that the problem has been solved! (I do not see anything recognizable as a Service Bulletin number on the no charge invoice.)


Thanks for the update. I never get the reason behind having a noise cancelling system. It causes extra noise!
I have sensitive ears and that system was one reason I passed on a Honda Pilot once when shopping for an SUV.
A little bit of sound deadening material goes a long way IMO.

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Active noise cancellation that makes more noise than the engine, seems like a feature run amok.


actually that thing works… funny

normally, it compensates the engine noise, but to be fair, it is a cheapo-edition with Honda, so while it is noticeable, it is far from deadening. probably some sound deadening material would work as good if not better, but electronic feature was definitely cheaper to mass-produce

then, in “sport” mode, it actually amplifies engine noise, not a selling factor for me, but it certainly adds to experience

Problem Solved! Thank you all for your posts. I was having the same issueS with my 2018 Accord Hybrid: didn’t happen in warm weather, sweet spot around 53mph, went away at crack of window… My dealer said he couldn’t find any service bulletins on this. I referred him to this site and he did some more digging. Results were, they replaced the middle and rear microphone and the issue is resolved.


Glad to hear we’re an industry resource!

I was thinking the temperature relationship was caused by the speed of sound changing vs temperature, but that wouldn’t explain why replacing the microphones would work. Maybe the microphone sensitivity changes with temperature and the replacement microphone change less. Interesting.

It’s a head scratcher for sure, but it definitely took care of the issue for me.

I’m just sitting here learning of yet another feature foisted upon vehicles that I am semi unaware of… Can you possibly imagine how these vehicles and systems are going to age?

It ain’t gonna be gracefully…


Thanks for all this information. I’m going to ask for for the microphones and speakers to be replaced

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