Wacky Window

I have a 2008 Accord Coupe V6. Approx 19K miles. For the past year or so the passenger door window will on occasion go down rather than up when parked overnight, garaged with the window 1/3-1/2 the way open. It doesn’t matter which door the command comes from. The dealer has tried many times to remedy this by adjusting and lubricating the window track, replacing the swiches and window motor and resetting the computer multiplex units. The last explanation from the factory rep. was that it was an abnormal scenerio because the window was not left either all the way open or closed thus confusing the multiplex units. This doesn’t seem to be an acceptable explanation. The windows have a safety feature that will reverse a closing window if there is an obstruction. This can be triggered by closing the window on a roll of paper towels. The problem my car has is there is no obstruction in the path yet it reverses .I was able to record this and can share this if anyone is interested. Any advise would be appreciated ?
I can’t believe I’m the only one having this problem and Honda can’t figure it out.

I believe it’s the ‘dumb’ computer’s twisted lack of logic.
The window was last in the ‘going up’ mode,
So the very next function surely must be ‘down’.
right ?
Hey it’s ‘‘computer logic’’ after all.

I don’t think a lot of people do what you do, so I would not be surprised if you are the only one who has reported it. When the window has been sitting for sometime part way up, there is a thing called starting torque that it has to overcome before moving. If you had manual windows. you could feel this, and you hear a slight “crack” sound just as the window starts to move.

My guess is that the starting torque is what is causing the window to reverse, and you will probably have to live with it.

I have seen this “anti-pinch” feature in Saabs. The computer IMO needs reprogramming.

We have a similar problem on an Integra and it is fixed by lubing the window seals with a dab of silicone lube. When that’s dry, it adds a considerable amount of friction and it won’t go up well.

I’m not clear on what’s happening. Does the window roll itself down with the car unattended overnight, or does it reverse in its tracks while you’re trying to roll it up?

If it reverses when you’re trying to roll it up, I’d agree that either the computer needs reprogramming or the window needs ‘recalibrated’ The owners manual for my car (not a Honda) suggests that things like this can happen if the battery is disconnected and tells how to recalibrate it. Once it has gotten confused on mine and I had to do so, which consisted of rolling the window fully down to its limit without stopping, then back up to its limit. After that, I had no further trouble. You might try the same.