Honda Accord 1996 loses power

What are the possible causes for my 1996 Honda Accord LX to lose power when idle at a stop light. Yesterday for the first time it lost power while driving. It starts back up when I turn the ignition on, but yesterday when I lost power while driving it took a couple of tries to get it started again then it happened 2 more times. I had a tune up in November 2008, just had the muffler done in April, up to date with oil changes. It lost power while idle for the 1st time back in February. Happened sporadically 3 more times until yesterday’s loss of power while driving. The mechanic said he would not be able to determine what the problem is unless he was driving it while it happened. I know nothing about cars and as a woman don’t want to get ripped off by the mechanic.

When you say “lose power” do you mean that it stalls?

I would be pulling the idle air control valve (IAC), cleaning it, and checking the wiring to it.

Yes, it stalls that’s what I mean by losing power.