1997 honda accord/lx


just bought this car,in really good shape,well maintained,however it stalls out occasionally,while im applying the brake and comeing to a slow stop to make a turn,sometimes when i start it up.Seems to turn over,then shut off,i’ll turn it on and it fires up and than cuts out again and it does this a few times before it finally takes, doesn’t matter if the engine’s hot or cold and the mechanics can’t figure out whats wrong!what do you think?? its manuel transmission,4 cyl.


The problem might be with the Idle Air Control circuit.

On the throttle body is a component called the Idle Air Control/Air By Pass motor. This component allows the engine to idle anytime the accelerator is released under all idle conditions. If there’s a problem with the motor itself, or if the idle air bleed port is blocked with carbon on the throttle body, it can starve the engine of air under idle conditions.

The first thing to try is have an induction system cleaning service performed. Or as it’s usually called a throttle body cleaning. If this shows no improvement, then have the Idle Air Control/Air By Pass motor removed and clean it along with the idle air bleed port on the throttle body. If this shows no improvement, then the Idle Air Control/Air By Pass motor might be defective.



If this car has less than 150,000 miles on it, and if the check engine light on, take it to a dealer, its covered under warrantee. If the check engine light is not on, turn the key to the run position without starting the engine to check that the light does work.


Your car is covered for an extended time and mileage (14 years, and 150,000) because of a lawsuit against Honda. Click on this link to EPA for details: http://www.epa.gov/compliance/resources/cases/civil/caa/amerhonda.html