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1999 Honda Accord That Turns Off While Driving

Please help if you can… I have a 1999 Honda Accord that keeps turning off while I’m driving it. It has been doing it for a couple months now. Sometimes, it shuts off when the car is idling or stopped at a traffic light. Other times, it turns off while driving at cruising speed. When it turns off, electrical devices still function, ie. power windows go up and down, radio works, lights work…

I’ve replaced a couple different parts to try and fix it, but no luck as of yet. So far, I’ve had the following parts replaced: the main relay; the ignition coil in the distributor; the module in distributor; and the air filter. I also had the spark plugs regapped, and I have tried driving with the gas cap loosened to see if there was a problem with a vacuum forming in the gas tank.

What do you guys think? I have a friend suggesting that it could be the idle control valve or the throttle positioning sensor. Could the computer be going out?

Oh, and after the car shuts off, sometimes I can restart it easily, other times it takes a couple to tries. The engine will turn over like it is going to start, and then shuts off again.

It sounds like you’re tossing parts at it in the hopes that one will fix it. That can get expensive. Based on what you’ve written, there is a plethora of things both electrical and fuel-related that could be causing this problem. You need to have it properly diagnosed to eliminate the possibilities.

Assuming there are no codes, there’s the possibility of an intermittent fuel pump or a failing ignition switch.

Your car is under a Recall for the latter and if it has not been performed previously you can get this done free of charge at any Honda dealer.

Thanks for the info ok4450!

Hi Greg- did you ever find out why your honda was stalling?