Honda Accord 1994 Starting Problem (engine does not turn)

I have this starting problem that does not want to go away. At least once a day specially in the morning, I can not start the car (the engin does not turn st all). I have replaced the battery, installed a new starter, and replaced the expensive OEM main relay (under dashboard)and I still have this starting (turning) problem (I took it to my mechanic who said the starter is defective although I disagreed with him. He changed the starter that was only two weeks old but I still have the same problem. I have the shop manual for this car and the drawing does not show any dedicated relay for the starter. I am about to replace the ignition switch because I am really desperate to fix this problem. Any suggestion and help is appreciated. Thanks

Does it have a transmission or is it an automatic.

Start circuit runs from ignition switch to clutch safety switch/manual trans or to neutral safety switch/automatic trans.

If it’s an auto will it crank if you shift to neutral?.

Thanks for your comments. The transmission is manual and the switch under tha clusch pedal seems to be working although I have not removed it to chech.

Looks like either a flaky ignition switch or flaky clutch switch.

Next time it wont start, check for voltage from the ignition switch at the clutch switch. If theres no voltage, replace the ignition switch.

You know, 87 Ranger, every time we suggest that the voltage be checked at the starter solenoid wire (wire disconnected from the solenoid), with the ignition switch held to START, that no one does it. I would like to hear from one person who did…just one.

The starter solenoid relay is most likely built into the starter. You have a very valuable tool already to fix this problem and that is the service manual. It will show you how the wiring to the starter solenoid is run. The next thing you need is something you can use to check for voltage, like a test light probe. It will tell you if the clutch switch is really doing its’ job or not.

There should be a wire running from the ignition switch to the safety switch on the clutch pedal. The wire should have 12 volts on it when the key is in the START position. When the clutch pedal is pushed down it should close the switch on the pedal and send voltage to the starter solenoid so it can close and make the connection to run the starter motor. Get a test light and check it out. You can’t just say ‘it seems to be working ok’. You also don’t have to remove it to test it.

Very true, but on the plus side at least this guy has the shop manual.

Unfortnately his shop manual must not include wiring diagrams or he would have known not to replace the main relay for a no crank problem.

For my Fords I have the seperate electrical trouble shooting manuals which are each about 150 pages of wiring diagrams & worth their weight in gold.