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96 Accord LX Starting Problems

I’m having some problems with my Accord and a friend suggested posting my situation here. Basically, the car doesn’t start every time I turn the key. I hear a click, but no cranking or turning over. This doesn’t happen every time I get in, but sometimes I will have to turn the key several times (hearing a click each time) before the car finally cranks, turns over, and starts right up. All electronics work fine (lights, wipers) and the battery looks clean so that doesn’t appear to be the problem. Any help is greatly appreciated!

It could be your ignition switch or neutral safety switch if you have an automatic. It could also be your solenoid switch going bad. A good mechanic would find this very quickly. A quick check of the neutral safety switch (automatic transmission) would be to shift to neutral and hold the brake as you start the car. If it starts normally each time…replace the neutral safety switch.

The problem might be with the starter. The starter in your vehicle is a gear reduction starter and the gears in the starter can wear out to where the starter won’t turn over the engine.

To determine if the problem is with the starter, the starter should be tested for current draw while trying to start the engine.


I remember years ago, Honda Accord had a recall on the ignition switch and starter. I just wonder have you bring it in Honda car dealer to have it fix?

I had this same problem on my 98 accord. Engine didn’t turn over as if the battery was completely shot, however everything electric worked. I ended up replacing the starter and that fixed it.