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Honda Accord 1994 - Keeps trying to start

Ok here is the situation yesterday, my friend parks the car, and she turns it off , but instead of the car shutting off it tries to restart (with the key out the Ignition. So when restarts the car it starts right up, but the thing maked that crazy squelching noise of it being restarted…over an over again So decide we need to take to a mechanic now. But before we go, the car just dies. An there is faint smell of something electrical. Well its at the mechanics an they have replace the Ignition, the starter and the wiring kit. The thing still wants to start an its drained the battery. They check all the wires they can see, now they are thinking it could be a relay stuck? An they are talking if that isn’t it that something is melted… an if so then all the wiring will have to be replaced? Ghost starting Honda

This won’t be easy to track down.

It’s 14 years old and may well have worn/hard and/or cracked insulation on any number of wires that can cause problems. Maybe one somewhere that causes a short in the ignition system.

These “mechanics” must be your Good Fishing Buddies because they have been fishin’ for a fix, changed all these parts, and haven’t caught anything, yet! I could suggest that they check the wiring, with an electrical test multimeter, for a short to power; but, I wouldn’t want to wouldn’t want to give away the surprise ending.
Here’s the wiring diagram for the starter circuit: Fig. 54. All they haven’t done is run new wire from the ignition switch to the starter solenoid.

the mechanic was finally able to find the problem it was a short in one of the many wires between the computer and the rest of the engine… so it works now… yeah. thanks for the insight because I called them back and told them what heard from those on cartalk. :slight_smile: