Honda 06 CRV

I am thinking of tryng to install a back-up camera on my 06 CRV. Anything I might do wrong that would cause me other electrical problems after. I imagine there would be install instructions with it. I thank you in advance, & will watch for your comments.

I would check with the service department at a dealership concerning electrical hook up options.

The only issue I can see is running the wiring. Somewhere you are going to have to breech the cabin and where you do that, you want to get it sealed up properly so that the wire doesn’t chafe against the metal and that water can’t follow the wire through the breech and into the cabin.

@keith, I would suggest the OP look at wireless systems. Read some product reviews on Amazon and see which ones the buyers say have good instructions and are easy to install.

If you get a wireless system it should tap into your fuse panel under the dash, I would think, and no need to run wiring outside the cabin.