Installing backup camera...can an electronic shop install for me?

I have a 2014 Ford F-150 supercab. I bought a backup camera since it didn’t come with it as a factory option. I have tried to find the wiring path from the license plate to the cab so I can install the wireless transmitter. I wonder if I brought it to an electronic shop, they would install it for me or maybe you can tell me how to get the wire from the license plate where the backup camera is location to the cab using the undercarriage? I’m a bit confused. Thanks for any help i can get from y’all.

I think if you call a few shops you might find someone to install for you.

So you would recommend calling a shop instead? I’d hate to cut into the wrong wire and all that. :man_facepalming:t2:

Find the backup light, remove the bulb. Notice the color of the wires to that bulb. One should be black and the other wire a different color. Tap into the different color wire as the power for the camera. Add a ground connection for the camera. Done with that wiring.

Next, you’ll need to mount the camera in the cab and wire that up per the instructions in the installation manual with the camera. Likely that will require only a switched power connection and a ground. Use your voltmeter to find a switched wire that only has power when the key is in accessory.

If any of this sounds confusing, and I’d guess it does, take the truck to an independent mechanic or even a stereo installation shop and they can hook it up for you.

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If you’re particularly worried about it, I’d pay a little extra to get it done at a dealership. If not, a radio or alarm shop should be able to handle it.

Thanks y’all. I’ll bring it to an electronic shop then.