2013 Honda CR-V - Camera out

All the sudden, my backup camera does not come on my display. I just had ABRA replace the bumper from slight scratches but nothing else done to the hatchback. Has 58,000 miles. Before I take it to the Honda dealer, wanted some ideas to check or is this a simple fix. I read about disconnect and reconnect the battery first. Any other suggestions to check?

If scratches were repaired in back, the first thing I would check is that tape was not placed over the camera to prevent overspray from covering it. It may simply need to be removed. The second thing I would check is that overspray covered the camera because it was not protected. If any parts were removed during the repair I suspect a connection was cut.


I am guessing the backup camera failure happened a very short time after the bumper cover repair. It seems the thing to do is call that repair facility first and politely ask if the failure could be related .