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History of Automobiles

I am a senior in high school and I need to write a research paper. I would like to know what do you consider writing about the history of automobiles. Can you give me some topics

I learned long ago the easiest way to get a good grade in a class is to mirror the teacher’s political views.

If your teacher is a liberal, choose something related to the environment or green technology.

If your teacher is a conservative, choose a topic related to economic growth, like the creation of the interstate highway system.

Build off of something you have already learned in your class and you will score an easy A. Teachers love nothing more than sharing their opinions with their students and passing it off as fact.

And yes I am a (former) teacher.

“If your teacher is a conservative, choose a topic related to economic growth, like the creation of the interstate highway system.”

Ahhhhhh! Are you trying to get the kid flunked? Isn’t the interstate highway one of those eeeeeeviiiiiillll “Socialist” projects? I mean, you know, the GOVERNMENT plans and funds (but mostly hires private contractors) and makes it so?

Ok - you’re right. Conservatives don’t count the interstates as a problem created by government.

Anyway, asoto18. Ignore what anyone would perceive to be your teacher’s political leanings. Go to the library - yes that old fashioned place with all of those books made from paper. The catalog system for books groups them by general topic. Find the general range of books that deal with auto history. And then just spend a little time browsing. Seize on something that looks really interesting to you.

Here’s a cool one that I’ve always wanted to spend some time with - what happened to the steam driven car? There were plenty around at the turn of the century. They have some advantages over the gasoline internal combustion engine. What were they like? Who built them? (Ever hear of a “Stanley Steamer” - it wasn’t always about carpets!) Where did they go, when, and why. Of course, now I’m telling you what would interest ME. Go find out what interests YOU.

This belongs more in general discussion than repair and maintenance but here’s a few:
Improvements in automobile manufacturing from Henry Ford’s assembly line to Toyota’s Production System (Just in Time.)

America’s love affair with the automobile. (proliferation of drive in movies, car hops at restaurants. drive up restaurants, invention of the motor court (motel instead of hotel), travel vacations, travel trailers etc.

How automobiles allowed Americans to move out of the crowded cities and into the suburbs causing urban sprawl, traffic jams and increased pollution.

The impact of Interstate highway systems on the American economy.


You might consider including the history of the automobile assembly line which was started by Henry Ford way back when.

You’ll end up with a much better paper if you pick a topic you like. And (unless you were asked to do it), don’t write a paper about ‘the history of the automobile’. Pick something specific you like, then write a detailed paper on that topic.

What interests you?

What, exactly, is the assignment?

If your teacher is a conservative, choose a topic related to economic growth, like the creation of the interstate highway system.

I hate to tell you this…but that’s a very LIBERAL view point…NOT conservative…In fact most conservatives I know…don’t think one dime should be spent tax dollars for the highway system.

Well, the Interstate Highway System was “Ike’s” baby…in WWII, he saw the Autobahnen made for excellent troop movement and improvised runways after the rails and airfields were bombed, and he wanted a similar system in the US, should the USSR invade.

So, you have a Republican president…wanting to up military preparedness…by emulating Nazi Germany…to fight the creeping Communist menace.

Man, if that isn’t the most achetypal “right-wing” thing I’ve heard lately, I’ll eat a Smart! car.

I did not like IKE, but the interstate system as it came to be was not Ike’s baby, it was GM’s. GM unveiled their system in 1939. Ike’s vision was like the German Autobahn, which unlike GM’s vision, does not plow right through the middle of the city.

In time of war, GM’s system would help guide an invading army right into city center. The German Autobahn goes around the cities and towns. Of course, some German cities have managed to grow out and surround the Autobahn.

How about the trends and new technology that tend to spring up whenever there is an “oil crisis”

A history of the Automobile would be too broad of a topic. Try focusing on one small part of it that could prove to be very interesting. You need to select a topic that is very narrow but has multiple references. A single reference is a grade killer.

Try tying two subjects together like the impact of the Automobile on the development of the National Park system. Ken Burns did that in his documentary on National Parks so don’t use those two topics, it is just an example of how well tying two separate topics together can work.

What subject does the teacher teach? You need to do the work to get it right, but if you choose a subject of interest to the teacher you may get a better grade.

Mleich gave you good advice.

Here is a good link to the Henry Ford Museum, he might be a good subject to write about. If you ever get to Dearborn MI it is a great place to visit

I would think history of the roads would be important. I am probably over 34 but remember driving from St. Louis to MN on dirt roads. The evolution of roads from one or two lane dirt to asphalt could be interesting.

The history of automobiles is such a broad topic, it would take many books to cover the topic. You need to narrow down the topic.

You could focus on the transition from hand assembly to mass production, basically the Ford story of building the Model T.

The history of the Electric car could interesting.

The history of government regulations in the auto industry.

Perhaps the development of one model, such as the Mustang, Thunderbird, or Corvette.

This is kind of long-winded, but you might find it amusing…

automobile assembly line which was started by Henry Ford way back when.

DfromSD, this is incorrect. Henry Ford perfected and made the assembly line popular but it was Ransom Ely Olds, creator of the Oldsmobile and REO that invented the automobile assembly line. Also his 1901 Curved Dash Runabout was the first mass produced vehicle and not the model T.

They took wooden framed wagons, added gasoline, steam or electric engines or motors, adapted crude steering systems and the rest is history…

For 800 years or more, horses and oxen provided for human transportation needs…Then steam-powered railroads did the heavy lifting and provided local and interstate transportation. But when mass-produced automobiles appeared on the scene, the horse was gone from the picture in a little over 10 years, an amazing change in the status quo…And just in time for the eastern cities were about to be buried in manure and urine…

Find an area your interested in and do some research but pick something that would hold your listeners interest. Personally I would be bored to tears to listen t oa repoart on Vettes.

Does this interest you?
1.evolution of fins of the 50’s-60’s
2. why cars ahead of thier time did not sell, example, Chrysler Airflow
3.Famous highways ,RT 66
4. why a new highway in your area is needed

Pick your passion and be passionate about it

Borders or Barnes & Noble have lots of books to look through. You should do research if you are writing a paper by that name.