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Hey everyone I'm new to site

Hey, just wanted to say Hello and introduce myself! I’m an amatuer car enthusiast and I’m looking for ways to get educated about automobiles. How would one go about getting some hands on experience with auto work if already go to school full time and don’t have much knowledge about cars to begin with?



Since your time (and I assume cash) is being absorbed by school, probably the best way to begin to gain knowledge is to stop by the local bookstore and [pick up aome books on automotive fundamentals. I could suggest some textbooks, but those are not cheap, and I suspect you’re already buried in textbooks.


I suggest you start with something small, like minor maintenance. Start with checking the air filter and doing a simple oil change. If you are not sure about what you are doing, ask someone like your father or a knowledgeable relative or friend to give you some guidance. Here are a couple pointers:

-Make sure the car is up on jacks or ramps SECURELY. You don’t want to die because a car fell on you.

-Replace the crush washer on the drain plug every time you change the oil.

-Don’t over-tighten the drain plug. Stripping the threads can create a big headache or an expensive repair.

-Coat the rubber gasket on the oil filter with clean oil. Dirty oil will work, but you want to avoid getting old oil on your hands since long term exposure to dirty oil can cause cancer.

-Tighten the oil filter with your hand as hard as you can, but you should not need a wrench for tightening, only for removal.

Basically, go slow and when in question, ask somebody who is knowledgeable for help. Try not to get in over your head.

If you have friends who work on cars, ask if you could help out, or just watch them as they work.

Find some people tinkering with cars and hang out with them.

For me in the 60’s it was magazines and the library. I used to love getting the repair manuals and looking at the HP ratings.

A great magazine all interested in cars should get is “Motor” magazine. I get both the e-version and the print. I wrote to them and asked if I could forward my e-version and they said “no problem,at least for now”

One Forum I joined is called iATN. It is for currently employed mechanics (they gave me a pass on that) and you are not expected to post and ask questions unless you can list all the things you have done to figure out the problem and what sources you have used to help yourself. You must have acces to a modern shop (I listed the College)

You are required to have a certain level of experience (they verify) or ASE certification.

They have links to quite a bit of online training but for me this car biz is just a hobby and school has started and its on to the IT world.