Essay topic help!

I have to do a 5000 word essay on any topic I want, I’m thinking of doing something car/formula 1 related but I also study law so it could link to that. The topic I’m thinking of doing is between:

  1. Is Lewis Hamilton the best driver in the history of formula 1?
  2. Is Ferrari losing its heritage in the modern era?
  3. Are supercar brands losing their exclusivity?
    Any other suggestions are welcome!

I’ll vote for #1

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The key to a good essay is to pick something that really interests you. I don’t know what that is.

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Maybe pick a subject that you don’t have to ask a bunch of unknown people on the web for help .

heres my pick… 7 time Nascar Cup champ goes to Indy series. how will he do?
Jimmie Johnson - Wikipedia

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Lots of ammo under the cat theft discussion below for expansion. As a lawyer, if it were me I would start with the EPA requirement that started the whole thing in the first place and into the market for precious metals, then onto crime and punishment and social mores.

  1. Could be interesting. The Senna and Schumacher faithful might have something to say.

  2. In F1 or in general? Most supercar brands, being subject to EU-regs are going to have to do something in the near future. It’s going to get harder and harder to sell large displacement N/A V12’s in the future or even turbocharged V8/V12’s without some kind of hybrid system tacked on. For F1, I think the spending cap that is either in place this year or kicks in next year (not sure on the time table), will annoy Ferrari, but Ferrari already has some unwritten/unspoken “agreements” with the FIA and I don’t see them ever leaving F1 entirely.

  3. Not really, not many of the high end supercar brands are willing to move down-market. You’re not going to see a sub $100k USD Ferrari or Lambo anytime soon. But more mainstream brands are closing the gap in performance numbers, and in the EV space, the performance numbers are closer across the board in general.

So far, not well. Frankly, I’m surprised he’s not doing the ovals, you’d think that’s where is expertise would be. Then again, Indycar on ovals is pretty dangerous, much more so than NASCAR. I’m betting that his wife/family had some input on Jimmie’s Indycar retirement tour.

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All those ideas seem pretty good. If I were doing this I’d probably chose between these

  • compare movies, older vs newer, about Formula 1 , including Rush, and I think there’s a new one called Ford vs Ferrari, something like that. For an older one, there’s a documentary about Jackie Stewart that’s pretty good. By that director that later had some legal difficulties and had to move out of the USA, forget his name.

  • the advantages and disadvantages of the halo safety device.

Fangio was the best ever. Hamilton has won because he was the #1 driver on the team with the best cars. Fangio won even when he did not have the best car. Look at his wins before he joined Mercedes.

Whatever topic you decide, you need to start with facts as your foundation and then build on it to form your conclusion.

So select a topic with copious facts.

And yeah, in my opinion Fangio was the best but it’s a lousy essay because I have few facts to base it on. :wink: