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Manual transmission

Im doing a project for my autos class at my high school on manual transmissions. i wonted to know all of what I should include in my 10 page report.

Are you looking for someone to write the outline for you? Since you have the internet, you can find way more information than what you need, the hard part will sifting through everything and using what you find interesting. I would start with the history of the manual transmission, including what was used on the original cars (before the model A or model T.) Then go from there, giving a chronological timeline of how the orignal manual transmission got from where it was back then to where it is now. Or you can go into the more technical aspect and talk just in terms of how the simple ones worked before sync gears and go through the development over the years of where we are today. Ten pages should be pretty easy to come up with, since you’ll find thousands of pages just by Googling “manual transmission history”

Thanks. i was researching and found tons of info. i know that it will be easy to fill 10 pages. i know a little more than the average person about autos. i just never thought it was this complex. thats a really good idea to add the history of stick.

As B&TJ said, lots to write about. Find some particular topic within the overall subject of manual transmissions that really interestes you, and write a really in depth paper on it. It’s a lot more fun working on something specific. Who knows, ‘The Invention of the Sychronizer’, something that, when you’re done, you’ll know more than your teacher about it.

Be sure to include the recent offering of sequencial manual gearboxes in your report. You can do quite a bit about the difference between car manual trans and big rig stuff. The changes in lubrication for manuals could be something you would want to explain. Try to give a overview on syncronizers and how they work.

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