High Revs, very little acceleration

I have a 2006 hyundai elantra, manual trans. 150,000 miles. To get the vehicle to move the engine has to rev to alomst 5K rpm. Originally i was thinking this could be a cadalatic converter issue, so I took the car to Autozone to get the error codes. I did not get any cadalatic converter codes but i did get P0302(cylinder 2 misfire) P0077(intake valve control circuit high bank 1) and P0650 (malfunction indicator light control circuit). Any idea where to start diagnosing this?

Sounds like your clutch is slipping and needs replaced.


Based on your description of the symptoms, you probably need a new clutch.


your clutch is smoked out. put the parking brake on put the vehicle in the third gear and rev it to 2000 then let out the clutch. if it revs up and doesn’t stall u need a clutch if it stalls then its something else


My 83 dodge colt with 64hp started to slip around 100k miles.

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Slippage in the clutch along with a few other issues. When the slippage gets this bad it needs to be repaired ASAP or you are going to end up on foot very soon.

As for the codes I would suggest concentrating on 302 first. If the spark plugs come out I would also suggest a compression check at that time. At 150k miles and if a cylinder is dropping then you need to weigh clutch/engine repairs costs in any decision you make.

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I also notice no difference in my clutch pedal and it goes in gear perfectly. Is there a clutch position sensor or some kind of sensor that could cause the same issues?

As for the codes I am going to get new plugs and wires next week. Hopefully that will take care of the 302. But i will scan it again post change.