High pitched noise from navigation DVD

I have a high pitched noise coming from my car’s navigation DVD. If I eject the DVD, the noise goes away. It starts up again when I put the DVD back in. Sometimes it doesn’t make any noise, but it’s typically on the whole time the car is on. When I stop the car, it continues for a little bit, which makes me think that it has something to do with the DVD rubbing against something. A few months ago, I would get sporadic errors about the disc that would go away if I ejected and reinserted the disc. Other than the high pitched noise, it seems to be running fine now.

The main question I have is whether replacing the disc has any hope to get rid of the noise or if I have a bigger problem and need to repair the system.

I wasn’t aware they had NAV systems running with a CD all the time but sounds like its the NAV player itself not the disc. Just like a CD player, the disc is spinning all the time and the motor must be having a problem.