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High pitched noise when driving

Last May, while on a highway trip, a high-pitched noise began. It only stops when I (1) apply the brake or (2) turn the steering wheel. I had it inspected and the brakes are fine, although rusty. The mechanic said the noise will eventually stop; however, it’s almost august and it is still annoying me every single day. Any ideas?

I can only think of two things that could cause this, one, the rotor pad sqeelers are rubbing on the rotors, and you need new pads. two, the wheel bearings are running dry and wearing out and need to be replaced and lubed. get a new mechanic.

What you describe just sounds so much like the wear indicators on the pads that I would have the brakes checked again. Sometimes people check brakes by pulling only one wheel, and then sometimes even only looking at the outboard pad. Or sometimes they might pull 2 wheels but only look at the outer pads on each side. There are 4 pads and all 4 must be inspected since there are a lot of reasons they can wear unevenly.