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High pitch noise on Honda Civic 04


My Civic started to make high pitch noise when turning right or left, and also when accelerating. It makes more noise when I keep the wheels turning but ceases the noise when I let the handle go and go straight. When accelerating, it ceases the noise as it reaches 30mph or so. It has got 93000 miles on it. It started the noise about 10 months ago and I feel like it increased the noise over the time. I don’t drive everyday and I try to drive my wife’s Prius when I drive since it has better gas milage. But this noise is quite annoying and wonder what it is. Any idea?


The descripion would suggest a possible power steering pump. Pop the hood, have a friend turn the steering wheel, and see if it makes the sound when the car isn’t rolling. Post back with the results.


I just tried. Although it made a little bit of noise by turning the steering wheel, it was not the same noise. Does this little noise become the noise I’ve been hearing when the car is rolling?

I will try to post a video or audio…

While Moving And Turning And Listening To That High Pitched Noise, Gently Press The Brake Pedal, Only To The Point Where The Brakes Begin Working And Then Let Up On The Brakes. See If That Alters The Noise.


I just recorded the noise while I drove around the neighborhood.
I hope this works…
Any idea?

When turning you put more stress on the front wheel bearings. There’s a good chance one of the wheel bearings is the source of your noise.

Nope. Turning the wheels when stopped puts a higher load on the PS pump that when you’re rolling, so if it was the same noise it would be louder when not rolling. But you’ve eliminated the power steering pump as a suspect.

One possibility is a brake wear indicator. Sometimes they’ll squeal when turning of they’re getting really close to their minimum limit. Check your front brakes. Post the findings.